Period Mag: Jerry Raines

Happy to see another set of photos being featured on! Titled Morning Grey, these images were created with model Jerry Raines (Neal Hamil Agency, Houston, TX), during his recent trip to LA. I recommended myself back when Jerry sent out a ‘LA photographers, let’s collab’ message; as we got to talking during the shoot, I found out the roster of photographers he had lined up, and it made me both extremely proud and nervous. 

Proud because I was most likely the least experienced of the bunch, and yet I still made the list. At the same time I was nervous because now I know who my work will be judged against—so I better bring my A game! We shot during a typical Southern California’s ‘June Gloom’ morning; the overcast sky, while rather depressing to wake up to, was a nice neutral backdrop for me to exercise my obsession with lines and angles.

I hope models wouldn’t mind me start posting wacky, ‘blooper moment’ photos—certainly made me appreciate the amount of effort they pour in to create perfect moments for me to capture, and that behind all the color-corrected, polished photos they are just regular human beings like the rest of us, who have no clue what to do on the horizontal bars!

You can check out the rest of this web-editorial here.

Possibly My Most-seen Work so Far

So Gabe Witmer texted me the image below the other day; one of the many agencies that rep him (and I mean many—as you shall see very soon) has used a photo we created during our shoot back in April as his comp card front! 

That shoot was definitely the highlight of my short photography career so far—everything just clicked, and it was smooth sailing from start to finish. (You can read more about how we, rather randomly, decided to collaborate on Gabe’s blog entry)

At this point, I’ve already seen images from this shoot being reposted on Instagram numerous times; out of curiosity, I did a reverse Google Images search to see where else on the web this particular image has shown up:


… Isn’t this insanity?! From the scattered conversation we had between shots I learned Gabe is very dedicated to his career—and you can clearly tell by how many connections he has, and how updated he’s keeping with each one of them! I feel very honored to be able to tag along for the ride—hopefully a Round 2 with Gabe is not too far down the road!

The photo shoot, titled A.M., is featured in Stark Magazine. You can check it out here

MMSCENE Portraits: Matthew Djordjevic

It is always exciting to see your work published online, beyond just on your own platform (or the model’s portfolio)! This time is with MMSCENE, featuring my shoot with model Matthew Djordjevic of Two Management. 

Matthew and I met up one early morning at the beach, ready for a summery, casual, California style shoot. However the weather decided to work against us with dense clouds, strong wind, and moments of shower—exactly the opposite of what you want for an outdoor shoot. We scrapped any concepts that involve water (just the wind alone was making our teeth chatter), but still managed to capture some great moments. 

It is always a pleasure working with Two Management, glad to see the images ended up on Matthew’s book, and thanks again to MMSCENE for the web feature. Check out the post here

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