MMSCENE Portraits: Matthew Djordjevic

It is always exciting to see your work published online, beyond just on your own platform (or the model’s portfolio)! This time is with MMSCENE, featuring my shoot with model Matthew Djordjevic of Two Management. 

Matthew and I met up one early morning at the beach, ready for a summery, casual, California style shoot. However the weather decided to work against us with dense clouds, strong wind, and moments of shower—exactly the opposite of what you want for an outdoor shoot. We scrapped any concepts that involve water (just the wind alone was making our teeth chatter), but still managed to capture some great moments. 

It is always a pleasure working with Two Management, glad to see the images ended up on Matthew’s book, and thanks again to MMSCENE for the web feature. Check out the post here

Porfolio Site 3.0

When my photography business card ran out near the end of 2016—rather than just ordering a new batch, I decided to gave myself a little re-brand, with a new logo, and new typeface choice (my graphic design side was itching). So I got busy during the first month of January designing the new monogram, and subsequently started rolling it out on my social platforms, and having new card designed and printed. The portfolio site was the last big chunk to tackle—who would’ve thought it will take another 6 months for everything JKC Photos visually aligned again?! 

I actually like Version 2.0’s design, it was minimalistic (just 3 pages), and really show off the images. Unfortunately the platform I chose to build it on was really difficult for content update, and you had to build the mobile site separately. Between more photo shoots and paying more attention on my Instagram, the website was almost left idle the moment I launched it back in April 2016.

Now I’m on a brand new platform (those with eagle-sharp eyes can probably immediately guess which one it is, and possibly which theme I’m using!) with a more robust back-end, hopefully will translate to more constant update. And I can’t wait to share some behind-the-scenes and moments from my shoots forward!

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