Period Mag: Jerry Raines

Happy to see another set of photos being featured on! Titled Morning Grey, these images were created with model Jerry Raines (Neal Hamil Agency, Houston, TX), during his recent trip to LA. I recommended myself back when Jerry sent out a ‘LA photographers, let’s collab’ message; as we got to talking during the shoot, I found out the roster of photographers he had lined up, and it made me both extremely proud and nervous. 

Proud because I was most likely the least experienced of the bunch, and yet I still made the list. At the same time I was nervous because now I know who my work will be judged against—so I better bring my A game! We shot during a typical Southern California’s ‘June Gloom’ morning; the overcast sky, while rather depressing to wake up to, was a nice neutral backdrop for me to exercise my obsession with lines and angles.

I hope models wouldn’t mind me start posting wacky, ‘blooper moment’ photos—certainly made me appreciate the amount of effort they pour in to create perfect moments for me to capture, and that behind all the color-corrected, polished photos they are just regular human beings like the rest of us, who have no clue what to do on the horizontal bars!

You can check out the rest of this web-editorial here.

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