Possibly My Most-seen Work so Far

So Gabe Witmer texted me the image below the other day; one of the many agencies that rep him (and I mean many—as you shall see very soon) has used a photo we created during our shoot back in April as his comp card front! 

That shoot was definitely the highlight of my short photography career so far—everything just clicked, and it was smooth sailing from start to finish. (You can read more about how we, rather randomly, decided to collaborate on Gabe’s blog entry)

At this point, I’ve already seen images from this shoot being reposted on Instagram numerous times; out of curiosity, I did a reverse Google Images search to see where else on the web this particular image has shown up:


… Isn’t this insanity?! From the scattered conversation we had between shots I learned Gabe is very dedicated to his career—and you can clearly tell by how many connections he has, and how updated he’s keeping with each one of them! I feel very honored to be able to tag along for the ride—hopefully a Round 2 with Gabe is not too far down the road!

The photo shoot, titled A.M., is featured in Stark Magazine. You can check it out here

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